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Your #1 Vineyard and Orchard Supplies Destination Since 1986
Your #1 Vineyard and Orchard Supplies Destination Since 1986

Tree Guards

Protecting young trees from external threats is essential for developing a robust and productive orchard or vineyard. Our tree guards offer a simple yet effective solution to safeguard tender seedlings during their vulnerable early growth stages. These durable tubes act as physical barriers, shielding delicate plants from harsh weather conditions, nibbling pests, and browsing animals that could otherwise stunt their development.

This extra layer of protection gives your seedlings a better chance at establishing strong, healthy root systems and sturdy trunk growth from the outset. By minimizing environmental stressors, tree guards help ensure your new plantings can allocate more energy towards vigorous development.

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R Shape Clip for Grow Tubes (500/bag)

Used to clip the overlapping edges of grow tubes. Approximately 1.5" in length. Sold in bags of 500.