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Your #1 Vineyard and Orchard Supplies Destination Since 1986

EthylBloc Sachet 2.5gm

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EthylBloc Technology is an EPA approved ethylene action inhibitor.

It inhibits the negative effects of ethylene which include: premature wilting, leaf yellowing, premature opening, and premature death. EthylBloc is a registered trademark of the Dow AgroSciences Company and is not for use on food or food crops.
  • Protects against leaf yellowing, decreases premature flower aging, and reduces flower, bud and leaf drop comparable to the truck kit.
  • Ideal for in-box use during shipment.
  • Allows smaller-sized shipments to be protected.
  • Adds the flexibility of scalable protection that can be tailored to any box size.
  • Can be used at any time immediately after harvest, just prior to shipment, upon shipment arrival or just prior to sale.
  • Easy to use, nontoxic, and safe for workers.