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Your #1 Vineyard and Orchard Supplies Destination Since 1986

Felco 200A-40 Lopper

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Never judge a FELCO tool by its size. This is a small, lightweight, easily transported lopper that thinks and acts big, without ever sacrificing FELCO’s trademark precision - here enhanced by the option of interchangeable handles. The FELCO 200A-40 lopper dispels any considerations of size you might have as quickly and easily cuts through a 35mm / 1.18 inch branch. 


  • Two-handed shear with 40cm / 15.7 inches handles
  • Bypass pruning action
  • Fine tapered straight cutting head with toothed counter blade
  • Blade and counter blade constructed of hardened steel
  • Screw-mounted counter blade for easy replacement
  • Handle junctions in forged aluminum with lifetime guarantee
  • Interchangeable lightweight aluminum tube handles
  • Toothed nut for easy adjustment of cutting head
  • Tool adjustment key included for cutting head and closing lock adjustment
  • Rubber shock absorbers for more comfort to protect hands and wrists
  • Counter blade with sap groove
  • Made in Switzerland