Customer on Net Terms

Orchard Valley Supply offers our customers the option to pay on net credit terms with an approved credit application.  Minimum purchase per order is $500.00.  First time customers may email or call 888-755-0098 to obtain a credit application.  Once your credit application has been approved and a credit card and or payment information has been verified with Orchard Valley Supply, you can expect your orders to be approved the same day.    Orchard Valley Supply reserves the right to have a credit card on file before sending out a customer’s order. 

Orchard Valley Supply will assess a 1.5% monthly penalty for any non-payment beyond the approved credit term.  Orchard Valley Supply also reserves the right to charge the customer’s credit card in full as well as to add-back any discounts provided on the original invoice that such credit terms were based if the invoice is not paid beyond the approved credit term.  Customer agrees that Orchard Valley Supply reserves the right to assess an additional $35 handling fee for processing an invalid credit card or returned check as well as any legal or collection costs associated with non-payment of his or her account.