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Your #1 Vineyard and Orchard Supplies Destination Since 1986

Deer Fencing

Original price $200.00 - Original price $695.00
Original price
$200.00 - $695.00
Current price $200.00
Keep deer out with our Deer Fencing. Multiple styles available:

Mesh Net
  • Black Mesh (3/4") Knotted Deer Fence
  • High Density Polyethylene Monofilament
  • Extremely strong and flexible (same netting commercial pest control companies use)
  • Highly UV resistant (UV rated for a 10+ year life)
  • Ships in a bag providing shipping cost savings
  • Blends well with the background becoming almost invisible
  • The perfect solution for new and experienced growers for keeping deer and other wildlife out and away from your crops
  • 69 grams per sq. meter
  • Estimated life span 10-15 years

Fixed Knot

This high-tensile fence has the same fixed knot as the livestock fence, and is available in many configurations up to eight feet tall. This taller fence is ideal for deer, elk and other animals that are capable of jumping over the livestock fence. The eight foot version of this fence is commonly used alongside highways to prevent animals from accessing roadways. The spacing of the line wires can be narrower at the bottom to keep smaller animals in or out of the fenced area. The spacing increases in size towards the top of the fence for larger animals. The Class 3 galvanized coating lasts up to 25 years. Game fence is available in many sizes and wire spacing options. Meets ASTM A116 requirements. 12.5 gauge.