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Your #1 Vineyard and Orchard Supplies Destination Since 1986

Bee Netting - Side/Zone Netting

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$155.00 - $350.00
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Side/Zone Bee Netting currently out of stock until 2024. Shop our current bee netting at

Bee Netting protects wine grapes and orchard fruit from being eaten or damaged by bees and yellow jackets.  Bee netting also protects seedless mandarin oranges from cross pollination that can cause high seed counts. It can also be used to protect true-to-variety seed crops from cross pollination. Greenhouses use our bee netting to keep favored pollinators inside to optimize pollination.


  • Bee net in 42" wide rolls for protecting the fruit zone of wine grapes from getting eaten or damaged by bees, yellow jackets or hornets
  • Available in Black or White
  • Black version is more durable (approx. 8 seasons of use when stored properly between seasons) and less visible.  Approximate shade factor 17%
  • White version lasts approx. 6-7 seasons of use, and has an approximate shade factor of 9%
  • Both provide complete protection from birds
  • Shade factor does not affect grape/wine quality, but might delay ripening by a week or two
  • Mesh size: 6.8mm x 1.6mm mesh
    SKU BEENET3.5X700