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SUMMER SALE | 10% Off with code SUMMER
SUMMER SALE | 10% Off with code SUMMER

Gripple T-Clip

Original price $1.34 - Original price $1.95
Original price
$1.34 - $1.95
Current price $1.34

The quick and easy way to tie-off at the start or end of a fence.


  • Up to 5 times faster than knotting
  • Ideal for awkward, tight spaces, particularly horse fencing
  • Neat, professional finish
  • Two sizes available for both stock fencing or barbed wire applications
  • Simple twist and push fit - ideal for use with very hard wires where knotting is cumbersome 

Note: We were informed by Gripple there was a typo on some product packaging that may lead to you receiving packaging with a different gauge range displayed. Correct gauges are below:

  • Small: 10-14 gauge plain wire and 15.5 gauge barbed wire (Working load: 880 lbs)
  • Large: 7.5-10 gauge plain wire and 12.5 gauge mild steel barbed wire (Working load: 1,320 lbs)