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Your #1 Vineyard and Orchard Supplies Destination Since 1986

Vigilis Shrub Shelter, 30", Square

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30 inch Vigilis Shrub Shelter, translucent, green, twin walled, ships flat and opens to square tube.

Get your newly planted or “volunteer” shrub (or multi-stemmed tree) seedlings off to a safe, healthy, and fast-growing start with 6” x 6” square Vigilis Shrub Shelters. Vigilis Shrub Shelters benefit your seedlings several ways:

  • Protect from rodents, rabbits, and deer
  • Reduce moisture stress, resulting in higher survival rates and faster growth
  • Shield from herbicide spray, mowers, and weed whackers

Vigilis Shrub Shelters have all the features you’d expect in a premium grade shelter tube:

  • Twin-wall corrugated construction for strength
  • UV stabilized for years of protection, until your seedlings become healthy young trees that can make it on their own
  • Folded-back rim to prevent bark abrasion to emerging shrubs

30 inch Vigilis Shrub Shelters protect seedling shrubs from rodents, rabbits, and deer until the seedlings emerge from the top of the tubes. They are recommended for use on all hardwood (broadleaf) shrub seedlings where deer are not a serious threat.

Diameter is ~150mm

Recommended stake options (not included):

  • 36” long 1” x 1” hardwood stake
  • 36” long section of gray schedule 40 PVC electrical conduit

Sold individually

Call 1-888-755-0098 for bulk pricing