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SUMMER SALE | 10% Off with code SUMMER
SUMMER SALE | 10% Off with code SUMMER

Blue-X Grow Tubes

Original price $2.50 - Original price $305.00
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$2.50 - $305.00
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  • Blue-X provides protection from animals, chemical sprays, and weed trimmers
  • Field studies of vine shelters have shown increased growth rates of 100-150% when using Blue-X grow tubes
  • This patented two-part Blue-X grow tube has an outer plastic sleeve which encircles a transparent blue-tinted polyester film (known as insert)
  • This insert admits up to 50% more photosynthetically active radiation (PAR) which is the part of the light spectrum that is most used by plants
  • At the end of the season (Blue-X grow tubes should be removed a few weeks before the first frost), the outer plastic sleeve can be easily cut away and discarded while the inner plastic (insert) can be stored flat and new outer sleeves purchased for reuse
  • Individual quantities sold with both parts A and B


  • To assemble a BLUE-X® grow tube take a single sheet of blue plastic film (Part A), roll it up into approximately a 2” diameter cylinder and insert it into a blue-tinted poly sleeve (PART-B) which is open at both ends. The tensile strength of PET (Part-A) will form the tube when released inside of Part-B.
  • Even up the ends of Part-A allowing a minimum of one-half inch (½”) of Part-B to extend above the top of the inner sheet (Part-A). This step must be completed prior to anchoring to a stake or any hole punches for ventilation.