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Your #1 Vineyard and Orchard Supplies Destination Since 1986

Grow Tubes

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  • Protect your young vines and accelerate growth with these grow tubes. Also can be used at home for other fruits and vegetables.
  • Shelters provide protection from animals, chemical sprays, and weed trimmers.
  • The OVS Grow Tube style is a very durable grow tube, which will last several seasons as you grow your vineyard (remove a few weeks before the first frost). Open construction allows for easy accessibility for inspection and pruning.
  • It has large pre-punched holes allowing easy installation and ability to the widest number of trellis systems.
  • When installing, push a little dirt up around the bottom to close off air flow. Tube diameter is about 3.5".
  • Available as single walled and dual walled.

The primary benefit of the twin walled design is structural – it has a high strength/weigh ratio.

To achieve the same strength a single wall tube is heavier, and the single layer of plastic is much thicker than each of the two walls of a twin walled tube. This makes the single wall more UV resistant, with a life span of 5+ years.