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Series 8500 Lever Operated Butterfly Valve

Original price $115.00 - Original price $650.00
Original price
$115.00 - $650.00
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The Series 8500 Butterfly Valves can be used in a wide range of agricultural, as well as industrial applications. They are a wafer style valve and mount between standard ANSI 125#/150# flanges. The butterfly valve can be used as a shut off valve, and in throttling applications. With features like epoxy coated bodies, nylon bearing, and Buna-N liner; this valve ensures a long-lasting, reliable use.


  • State-of-the-Art Manufacturing: Valves are produced using state-of-the-art valve manufacturing equipment. Each valve is tested to 110% of rated working pressure to ensure the quality
  • Advanced Seating Profile on Disc: Three radius seating profile reduces operating torque while providing bubble-tight and positive shut-off. The disc seating surface is precision machined and polished for low operating torque and longer seating life
  • Multiple Stem Seals: The primary stem seal is achieved between the disc and seat. Secondary seals are incorporated into both the upper and lower stem to backup the primary stem seal
  • Maintenance-Free Stem Bushing: Graphite polymer bushings are self-lubricating and require no maintenance. The bushings provide low friction stem support for easy operation and long service life. Upper stem bushing prevents foreign matter from entering the valve.
  • Phenolic Backed Cartridge Seat: Non-collapsible phenolic backed cartridge seat provides superior sealing integrity. The rigid backing ring eliminates high torque and premature failure caused by elastomer distortion found in butterfly valves with non-rigid seat designs
  • Multiple Seals on Seat: Integral flange seals molded into the edge of the seat require no flange gaskets 
  • Secured and Precision Connection Between Disc and Stem: Secured and precision connection on stem-disc joint provides maximum strength of disc/stem connection and minimum unwanted free travel
  • Investment Cast Disc (2"-12"): Uniform and smooth surface finish. Streamlined for maximum flow and minimum seat wear
  • Heat Treated Stem: Stem material is heat treated with 400 series stainless steel material that provides additional tensile strength


  • Series: 8500
  • Size: Multiple Sizes Available
  • Style: Gear Operated
  • Rated Pressure: 200 PSI
SKU FRESF08502005